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cheap jerseys china best present they give me is to leave me alone, to give me peace, to let me get back to my real, normal life," he told a news conference. "Because
cheap jerseys top when you leave a big event like this one, a big tournament like this one, you have no real life, like all players. I can’t be a guy of my age. So being left alone, this is priceless." Sitting on his chair as he watched Ferrer collect the runner up’s silver platter, Nadal looked like an emperor but he is not expecting too much of a fanfare when he lands at the airport in Mallorca, where he lives. "I love the game. I love the sport. I understand the sport only one way. The sport without a goal is stupid," he said with a smile. "That’s my feeling. If I go and play in any sport and I don’t try my
cheap jerseys best, I don’t like to do it. Better I do another thing. "The only way to understand the sport for me is try to do as good as possible, try to improve in every moment, play with the full passion that